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My Mobile Website​​

People are looking fot you online!

  • We create your mobile website with every website we do.
  • Today there are over 10 billion searches done each month on Google alone.
  • Over 79% of all adults use the internet. 
  • Over 1/3rd of users stay online each day for over 3 hours. 
  • 40% of Facebook users are over the age of 35 and there are over (1) billion users.
  • 1 out of every 8 minutes spent is on Facebook.
  • 9 out of 10 users visit a social media site each month.
  • 78% of users search a product before they make a purchase.
  • 95% of all businesses are listed online is sites like Google Places and in many cases, it was posted without the owner's knowledge and 40% of that information is incorrect.
  • When we create your website, we submit you in Google maps, Bing, Yahoo and hundreds of search ​engines. 
  • ​Can you see why it is so important to have a website for your business?
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